Your First Website - Part 2 (Foundation)

almost 3 years ago | 7 minute read

Your first website part 2

You should now have a clear idea about your goals for creating a website and have a text editor (like sublime text). If you don’t go back to [part 1]( ...

Your First Website - Part 1

almost 3 years ago | 7 minute read

Your first website part 1

If you’ve never created a website before, creating your first one can seem scary and confusing. Where do I start? What do I need to do? Can I do it?

This guide will help you answer each of these questions confidently.

What is the Difference Between Chomp and Strip in Ruby?

almost 3 years ago | 2 minute read


When getting user input you may want to remove whitespace. Let me show you how to do this.

First, let's not remove any whitespace.

puts "What is your name?"
name = gets
puts "Hi " + name + ". Nice to meet you." ... 

SwitchUp Interview

almost 3 years ago | 1 minute read

Switchup interview

Last year I attended Bloc, a web developer bootcamp. I was asked to answer a few questions for SwitchUp a ...

Learn HTML and CSS

almost 3 years ago | 1 minute read


If you don’t know what HTML or CSS is but want to learn to make websites, here is a great introductory course on HTML and CSS from the ...

Why I Read

almost 3 years ago | 4 minute read

Why i read

To learn.

To open my mind.

To change and become better.

Reading has changed me - the way I think, the things I believe, my choices. It has changed my life for the better. It has opened up my world and filled me wit ...

How To Search Rails Routes

almost 3 years ago | 2 minute read

Rails routes

In a rails application you can easily see what all the routes (or a dynamic way of linking to content in your web application) are available to you. To see what each of the routes available to you are you simply type `rake r ...

How To Add Reading Time To Your Posts

almost 3 years ago | 3 minute read

Add reading time to posts

If you have a blog in Rails you can do all kinds of fun stuff with it like add a quick estimate for your users to show them how long it will probably take them to read your post.

If you, like me, have a Post model with ...

White Space

almost 3 years ago | 1 minute read

White space

Sometimes the difference between a mediocre design and a stunning one is the amount of white space. Leave everything else the same and simply change the white space and you change the design.

Whitespace is the empty space ...

Why I Set Goals

almost 3 years ago | 6 minute read

Why i set goals

For most people the whole purpose in setting a goal is to accomplish their goal. Makes sense right? That's not why I do it. For a long time that was the very reason though.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to accomplish my ...

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