There Are No Small Choices

October 02, 2014|Thoughts

Your choices

The small, seemingly insignificant choices we make each day shape our future and our destiny. They define our life.

Today I heard the story of Oseola McCarty. A humble washerwoman who is inspiring in many ways. One of the things she did was so simple and yet it resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars. She would take the nickels, and the dimes, and the quarters she would make each day and she would walk (she never had a car) to her bank and deposit them. She did this every day for years until she had grown what was once small into something much bigger. She then gave it away in a beautiful and moving way that changed other peoples lives for the better. All because she did something small every day.

What is our life anyway? It's nothing more than a string of well lived days.

So, what small improvement or act of kindness or bravery or greatness, no matter how small, will you do today?

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