Why i read

Why I Read

January 22, 2015|Thoughts, Books

To learn.

To open my mind.

To change and become better.

Reading has changed me - the way I think, the things I believe, my choices. It has changed my life for the better. It has opened up my world and filled me with light and knowledge.

I am reading (or re-reading) one book a week this year.

Here are my books so far this year:














  • Total: 43 books

What I Learned

I didn't reach my goal of 52 books. I really hate not reaching my goals.

At the same time I got myself in the habit of reading a lot more than I had the year before. I also read more books than I would have if I had not set the goal.

Sometimes I read straight from one book to the next without time to reread or reflect and apply on the lessons I learned from the book. There are some books that I would like to go back and outline or take notes or review. In 2016 I will take the time to review some of these books.

I also learned the power of making my goals public. I held myself more accountable because I was publicly accountable. There were some weeks where I was behind on my goal and wanted to give up or lower them. But, I was publicly accountable and so I kept with them.

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