Why I Created Major Finder

October 11, 2014|Thoughts, MajorFinder

It was summer break my freshman year in high school and I had a burning question, “What am I going to be when I grow up?” Seriously, I felt like I had to answer it right then. But, where and how to answer this question? I wasn’t really sure. My best idea was to go and look and see what my options were - what careers are out there and how much money could I make in any one of those careers.

So, I walked across the street to my High School’s library (Did I mention I grew up in a small town and lived right across the street from the High School?). This was before the internet existed so this was my best option at finding information. I found one book that had a list of majors.

I spent days going through that book. I came across a career called Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychologist. I loved the idea of it and decided that’s what I was going to do. That one decision impacted the next 10+ years of my life. My graduate school program was so closely related to I/O Psychology that we had more than half of our classes together. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s go back to my college years. I sort of had a plan. But, almost everyone I met in college didn’t. My plan was based on poor decision making strategies and sure I spent a few days “researching” and really thinking it through (even though I didn’t really know the right questions to ask), but those two days literally changed the course of my life.

After graduate school I met a friend who had finished law school a few years before but upon practicing law realized that he hated it. He decided he was going to go back to school and get his MBA. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his MBA though. Here’s a highly intelligent and driven individual who was just as lost as everyone else.

At around this time it clicked for me, I had to create a way to help people answer this question. So, I created majorfinder thinking that if they just knew their options they could explore and find that perfect major and career.

But, upon creating majorfinder I started getting more questions than ever before asking me where they should start, they have no idea what they want to do with their life. And I still didn’t know how to answer their question. So, in 2014 I decided to figure it out for them and create a way for everyone to get an answer to this incredibly important and life changing question.

So, that’s what I’m working on now. I’m reading and learning everything I can. What I’m discovering is that it’s a whole lot more involved than I originally anticipated. The books and information I’m going through are dense and textbook-like. There’s conflicting approaches. But I’m not going to stop until I find the best approach and make it simple and fun. For most people it will never be an easy process but it can be made easier, much easier and that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m also continually adding majors and careers to major finder with plans in the future to add schools. But, this is only going to be one component of major finder.

Before I’m done with majorfinder it’s going to be able to answer the question we all ask ourselves at some point, “What should I be when I grow up?”. The answer we get to that question will shape our life and possibly change the world.

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