What Is a Project?

October 03, 2014|Projects

Projects can be any size - large and small. They can range from taking a shower to creating a movement.

No matter the size of the project every project follows the same series of steps. Mastering this project cycle (each step from beginning to end) will give you tremendous power in getting what you want. Practice these steps each day. The more you practice the better you will get and the more personal power you will have.

Even if you feel familiar with a step, don't assume you understand it. Open you mind as you read through these seemingly simple steps.

  1. Begin with the end in mind. You must be clear, very clear, about what you want as your desired outcome. See it, feel it, imagine yourself there having accomplished it. This is your goal.
  2. Commit to accomplishing your goal. Wishing and dreaming are not commitment. Hope is not commitment. Sure you should wish, dream, and hope. But, this step is a pledge that you will accomplish your goal. Failure is not an option. You will see it through.
  3. Plan how to accomplish your goal. You know where you want to be at the end of the project. In this step you will create a map that will show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. The bigger the project, the bigger this step will be. It helps if someone has already done what you hope to do and they can show you the path they took. If you have no idea what the plan should be take your best guess. Don't let this step slow you down. Don't skip it but don't become paralyzed by your not knowing.
  4. Take action. Take your plan from step three and begin to implement it. You may run into problems or realize your plan led you in the wrong direction. You should almost plan on this happening. When this does happen it doesn't mean you should throw out the plan. Instead you update it, you continue to live by it but make it better and more based on data (your experiences). In some cases the changes will be slight and other times you may pivot and go in a completely different direction. Go back to step three and revise your plan and jump back in and begin taking action. A project will be 85-90% action (step 4).
  5. Project complete! The end is it's own reward for you have now reached what you envisioned and dreamed of in step 1. For the project to be complete you must recognize it as so. And move on to the next project.

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