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Sneak Peek at New MajorFinder Navigation

December 08, 2014|MajorFinder

There will be some big changes coming to majorfinder. With these changes and based on some usability testing results I have discovered a need for changing the navigation bar.


In the explore section you can explore majors and careers (and eventually schools too) just as you do now.


The personality section will contain the personality landing page, quiz, your results, and recommendations along with information to help you make an informed decision on a major and career.

The nav bar will change right after I release the personality section in early 2015.


The guide section I'm really excited about! It will be a step-by-step, interactive guide walking you through how to find the perfect major and career. It will incorporate the personality test as part of that process but there is much more involved in finding your career path. If anyone is unclear about what to do with their life or if they're on the right career path, this is for them. Even if you're not, it will bring clarity and confidence to your major and career choice. The guide will be available in 2015. I think you're going to love it!

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