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Project: Personality Test Landing Page - Step 2

October 20, 2014|Project: Personality Test Landing Page

Once I’ve determined the message it’s just a matter of organizing and gathering information. Sometimes I really skim over this and then do it in much more detail when I get to the Wireframe/sketch step.

What Information I'm Looking For

I want to know what really matters to my visitors. What's going to resonate with them.

To do this I basically just sit down and put myself in my users place. I ask myself why they would want to do this personality test or how they would benefit.

Here's what I've come up with:

See Which Jobs Fit You Whether someone is in a career already or not they will benefit by understanding which type of jobs play to their strengths. Does your job or future job fit your personality? Get an answer.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses Some jobs will play to your strengths and you will succeed faster. Make sure your job uses your strengths and not your weaknesses.

More Benefits and Important Information

Here's some more information I might want to communicate.

Point #1 - There is at least one excellent career out there for you. A career that rewards you for your natural gifts, allows you to do what you enjoy and do best. It is possible. You deserve it. You don’t have to settle for anything less.

Point #2 - Although we grow and change (our abilities, interests, and values all change) with age, we don’t change our personality types. Get help determining not only your immediate but also your future career-related goals.

Point #3 - You have strong and weak aspects of your personality. Operate from a position of strength - know your strengths.

Point #4 - Fortune 500 companies use personality tests to find the right employees and help their current employees to do the work they’re naturally inclined to excel in and enjoy. Now you can too.

Point #5 - People of all personality types can find success in all career fields. What matters most is finding the right job for you within each profession.

Point #6 - Certain personality types flourish in certain types of jobs. What you will find personally satisfying in a career is different than someone else. Just because your parents did it doesn’t necessarily mean you should too. It is important to find as good a match as possible between the person you are and the job you choose.

Point #7 - Discovering the “real you” deep down can be liberating and empowering. This will be a process of self-exploration.

This is a lot of information (and I even cut it down significantly!). So, either this will be a long landing page or I will cut it down even more.

The Next Step (Step 3)

I love this step. I get to go and explore different designs and pull in those ones I want the landing page to look like.

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