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One Lesson From Losing My Brother

March 20, 2015|Thoughts

Just over a month ago my brother passed away. The pain and grief at such a loss has been deep and indescribable. He was only 35 and aside from a congenital heart condition (that we never even thought about because it never really affected him) he was extremely healthy.

He had open heart surgery to fix the problem with his heart. The surgery seemed to have gone great. He was recovering really well. He had gone home from the hospital and we thought he was going to be fine, better than fine actually. He was doing great and in no time he would probably feel better than he ever had. Or so we thought.

A few nights after being home from the hospital he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. That day he had felt so good and even had said, “I am just so happy.” He had a life and family he loved.

We never would have guessed that his life would end that day - or any day soon. It has taken me a while to write down one of the things that this terrible loss has taught me. It is this:

There is no guarantee that I will survive this day. There is no guarantee that you will. There is no guarantee that anyone will be around an hour or two from now.

So you should live life to the fullest right now.

What are you doing that you should stop? What are you putting off that you really shouldn’t? What is truly most important to you?

Declare to yourself and to the world right now that no one and nothing is going to stop you from living your life to the fullest. Nothing is going to stop you from being the best version of yourself.

What will make your life extraordinary isn’t the opportunities you get but what you do with them.

Make the most of every opportunity. Make new opportunities. Be the best you can be. Not in a month, a week, or even an hour. Right now.

You never know what moment will be your last.

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