Its not going to be easy

It's Not Going To Be Easy

December 05, 2014|Thoughts

Yesterday I wrote about how you can change the world with what you create. I sort of indicated that even though you can change the world it’s going to take work. Work that you sometimes don’t feel like doing.

Everyone wants to create something meaningful, something that changes the world, or at least something that changes someones life for the better. But, most people don’t want to put in the effort it’s going to take to get there. And the reality is if you’re doing something worthwhile it’s not going to be easy.

About six or seven years ago I listened to a talk that I still love and I still think about. It’s called What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 by Tina Seelig. One of the lessons she teaches is that no one is going to pay you to solve a non-problem. The bigger the problem the bigger the opportunity. You and I, we seek for big opportunities and so we should therefore seek to solve big problems. But, big problems are not easily solved. So embrace the difficulty, the challenge, the work that is going to be involved in solving a big problem. Embrace it and don’t give up.

So, here’s my tough love moment. If all you care about is the result and you’re not ready to put in the work necessary to create something worthwhile, don’t start. Don’t waste your time (or anyone else's time) on something half-way done or not done at all.

If you’re willing to see this thing through then you should go for it. Don’t stop, don’t give up. Focus and persevere. You have the power to change the world with what you create. I truly believe that. It’s just not going to be easy.

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