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Do Work You Love Even When You Don't Love It

December 04, 2014|Thoughts

I read an article today that spoke to me. It talked about a dream or vision for why you do the work you do. When it comes down to it you work to do great work and not for the reward. The work can be its own reward.

Maybe what spoke most to me was that this guy got me. He understood why I work like crazy maybe even better than I understood it before reading the article.

I wish someone had told me, so now I'm telling you.

It's the work. That's all there is. There is no That. The party you imagine is happening. It's full of gorgeous and fascinating people.

But it's not the artists. Not the ones who are changing the world with what they create. They're busy. They're tucking in their kids, they're taking the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and sticking them neatly in the cabinet. They're putting the mail on the counter with a sticky note reminding them to take it to the post office tomorrow.

And then they're tiptoeing into their offices and firing up their laptops, or heading into their studio and confronting the canvas. It's Saturday night and it's late.

And they're working.

The way this guy describes his writing is how I feel about the work I do. It's my job. I love it most of the time. And even when I don't I still do it. And I get better and faster. And sometimes I get lost in it and nothing else exists.

My husband and I sometimes ask ourselves why we're working so hard all the time. Sometimes we jokingly wave at each other from our computers at night as we're working into the early hours. We think we might be slightly insane. But, now I get it.

There will be time when the grind itself must be the thing that drives you. You have to love the effort divorced from the result.

It's not glamorous. It can be messy and difficult but I love it. I love the challenge, the process, the grind.

You should read the article by Myke Cole. I hope it resonates with you as it resonated with me.

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