Guide to Properly Size Your Hero Images and Optimize Them for Site Speed

3 months ago | 4 minute read

Header image sizing guide

If you're like me you've run into this too many times to count.

Your web page needs a new image for the hero section or top part of your page. You want this image to be large enough for any size screen but not so large th ...

CSS Grid Terminology You Need to Know

4 months ago | 4 minute read

Css grid terminology

When you started learning CSS Grid you have probably come across some terminology that made you wonder what exactly it is. Some of the time you are pretty sure you know but you've never seen it explained and so you aren't p ...

How do you learn web design?

4 months ago | 5 minute read

How do you learn web design

Whether you want to be a web designer or you simply want to know how to design beautiful interfaces, this article is for you. Maybe you want your beautiful designs to make you money. Or you simply want them to convey and port ...

10 Days of Productivity Journaling

over 1 year ago | 5 minute read

10 days productivity journaling

Last week I started productivity journaling. I haven’t been super consistent. Point in case, yesterday I didn't journal. And I acutely felt the loss. I feel it today. That is what struck me. That is why I’m writing this. Afte ...

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

over 2 years ago | 1 minute read

Girls in tech bootcamp

If you live near San Fransisco and would like to learn to build web applications rapidly you should [attend a Bootcamp]( ...

Introduction to the Command Line

over 2 years ago | 4 minute read


I remember the first time I used terminal, which is Mac’s version of the command line. It was scary. In fact, I was scared or at least nervous for the first month or so as I got comfortable and familiar with it. It was so ...

New to Web Development?

over 2 years ago | 7 minute read


When I was first learning ruby and rails I would hear terms used and I wasn't exactly sure what it was. I could understand it based on the context but if I had to explain it to someone I wouldn't know how to do that.

So ...

Embrace the Difficult

over 2 years ago | 2 minute read


Over the weekend a friend said something really profound as we both sat and watched our sons play soccer. Her daughter is in gymnastics. They have recently upped the amount of hours and difficulty of her training.

She men ...

One Lesson From Losing My Brother

almost 3 years ago | 2 minute read

Lesson from brig

Just over a month ago my brother passed away. The pain and grief at such a loss has been deep and indescribable. He was only 35 and aside from a congenital heart condition (that we never even thought about because it never re ...

Do More Than They Expect

almost 3 years ago | 1 minute read

I love my work

I love the work I do. I really, really love it. I wake up excited to express myself through my work. I feel like I’m doing the thing I was born to do.

That doesn’t mean that it is always easy and that I want to do it a ...

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