Project: Personality Test Landing Page - Step 6

November 04, 2014|Project: Personality Test Landing Page

Your personality

My choice of colors for this design and most every design is based on the psychology of color in web design.

I chose blue to be the dominate color because when someone comes to this page they will make a decision that very well may change the course of their life. This is a huge responsibility. They need to trust that this test can help them provide direction and clarity for their future. More than any other feeling that is what I want them to feel - trust, calm assurance.

I toyed with using red as it is a very exciting and passionate color and that fits well with what I want users to feel as they do the personality test. But, it wasn't quite right for the message of this page. So I pulled in the red and kept it only as an accent color.

I needed a little more color and I didn't want to change the feeling of the page so I pulled in gray near the bottom.

I'm still finishing up the personality test so the browser windows in the design below are currently empty. They will contain screen shots of the personality test to illustrate each of the points.

Personality Test Landing Page Design

The Next Step (Step 7)

I already designed it in photoshop so I'm onto creating it in HTML/CSS.

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