How to Get What You Want

October 03, 2014|Thoughts, Projects

What you get in life is usually consistent with how you go about doing whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

Some people create extraordinary results without any apparent luck while others fail without a clear reason of why. How do those who succeed get what they want and accomplish what they set out to do?

The answer is something you must practice - not just read and learn about. It is based on the distilled wisdom of the great creators and thinkers in all fields (the extraordinarily successful) now and in times long past. You've probably heard parts or maybe even all of it. It's not secret. It is powerful.

The answer is: mastery of projects.

You may be feeling excited to understand projects better and to master them. Or maybe you feel a bit let down because mastering projects seems too simple, too focused and action-oriented, or simply too obvious. However you feel I challenge you to try it out. Test it. You will see for yourself the wisdom in mastering projects.

The first step is to understand what a project is.

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